Thomas Biffle


Thomas "Biff" Biffle, Sales Associate

Biff first began working for the Empire Auto Group 18 years ago with the opening of Empire Hyundai in Fall River. We were fortunate to bring Biff on as a salesperson at the Ford store when Empire acquired the Ford store. Biff has a knack of making his customers feel comfortable and making the buying process an easy and smooth experience.

Born and raised in Alabama, Biff spent his early life there until attending college at the University of Cincinnati, OH. His dream was to become a professional football player but his hopes were dashed when he became injured while playing in college. He eventually moved to New England has lived here for the past 24 years.

Biff enjoys the music of the 1960's, 70's and 80's, particularly the Temptations, his favorite group. He's also a lover of horror films, "Dust to Dawn" being his favorite.

Volunteer work is especially close to his heart - donating his time to the Harbour House in New Bedford and other homeless shelters, has been especially rewarding for him. He has taught his children and grandchildren the importance of giving back to the community and continues to instill this in them today. Just recently, Biff initiated a clothing and food drive for the Harbour house to assist with the upcoming holiday.

Biff is the father of 10 children (6 boys and 4 girls); and grandfather to 7 grandchildren, two of which live with him - Jordon, age 7 and Jahvell, age 8.  He also has a 6-year-old lab, named Brutus. His favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas because he loves to purchase and donate food and toys to local shelters. They are so appreciative for everything they get.

His first car was a '78 Chevy Camaro, which had no rear floor boards. His friends had to hold their feet up when they rode in the back! The favorite car he's owned is a 2009 Lincoln MKZ but his dream car would be a 2019 Lincoln MKZ!

Biff considers his mom, Mary Jean (James) Biffle and his dad, Thomas Biffle, Sr. his heroes. He is so proud of the fact that both his mom and dad attended college in the Alabama in the 1960's even though it was dangerous and difficult for them both. His mom earned a nursing degree while his dad earned an engineering degree.

Biff learned the importance of hard work and perseverance from his parents and he exemplifies that in his work ethic at Empire ford.

If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, please contact Thomas "Biff" Biffle at or 888-693-0925, ext. 6116. He's here to help find you the right vehicle at the price for you. Give him a call or send him an email today!

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