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Be Prepared For Any Car Repair With A Multi-Point Inspection

Your Ford car, truck, SUV, or van has many different moving parts that will require some form of routine maintenance or repair throughout its lifetime. While regular maintenance helps to keep any problems at bay, you never know when something will require to be fixed. The best way to keep your car running strong is to have it routinely checked and inspected. This is where the multi-point inspection comes in to play.

What Is A Multi-Point Inspection?

When you schedule your car for a multi-point inspection you can expect the technician to monitor and check up on all the different components of your vehicle. Not only will they look at the condition of each part, but they'll also make sure that there aren't any future problems forming.

What Does a Multi-Point Inspection Include?

While every service center is different, depending on the type of service and brand that the service center takes care of, most multi-point inspections cover such components as:

  • Air filters
  • Battery health
  • Belts and hoses
  • Brake fluid and other brake components
  • Chassis components
  • Coolant
  • Drive axle, transmission, and engine
  • Engine oil
  • Exhaust components
  • Exterior components like the exterior lights, windshield, etc.
  • Fuel System
  • Interior components like emergency brake, horn, heater, etc.
  • Power steering fluid
  • Seat belts and restraints
  • Shocks and struts
  • Tires and wheels
  • Transmission fluid
  • And much more!

After the multi-point inspection, you will receive a color coded list of the items that the technicians has inspected. This color coded list is important to pay attention to as it will show you what needs to be fixed now or in the potential future. Most multi-point inspections use the following color code.

  • Red - needs attention now
  • Yellow - will need attention soon
  • Green - good to go

When Should You Schedule A Multi-Point Inspection?

Most technicians recommend getting a multi-point inspection once a year, kind of like your yearly physical at the doctors. Even if nothing seems to be wrong with your vehicle, it's best to have it checked out to see what potentially lies under the hood. A multi-point inspection is also a good idea before you head out on a long road trip. Nothing makes a road trip worse than car trouble, especially if it could have been avoided by being fixed before you left.

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Whether you're driving a Ford F-150 around New Bedford, you're cruising through Dartmouth in a Ford Focus, or you're bringing the family around Acushnet in a Ford Escape, our service team, here at Empire Ford of New Bedford, are available to perform a multi-point inspection on any of your Ford vehicles. Our team is comprised of certified Ford technicians that have been working with Ford cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans for many years who will take the time and care to thoroughly inspect your vehicle as if it were their own. Contact us if you'd like to speak to one of our Ford service center technicians or take the short drive to our New Bedford, MA, dealership today!


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