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Ford Drivability Diagnosis

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Let Us Determine What's Wrong With Your Vehicle With A Drivability Diagnosis

We've all been there. Your car, truck, SUV, or van isn't driving right, but you aren't exactly sure what the problem is. These situations can be tricky, especially because finding the problem can become as expensive as fixing it. You'll want to make sure to find the right technician who can locate the issue, consult with you, and repair the problem in as little time as possible. In short, you need a technician who can perform a drivability diagnosis with ease.

What Is A Drivability Diagnosis?

Drivability diagnosis or drivability diagnostic is a term that automotive technicians use when they're talking about the problems with a vehicle. Most cars have a set of diagnostic fault codes that will let a technician know what's wrong with your vehicle by plugging in a simple computer device. When the computer fails to find a diagnostic fault code, the technicians will have to take a deeper look to determine what the drivability diagnosis is.

Why Could My Car Not Be Finding a Diagnostic Fault Code?

There are a few reasons why the codes couldn't be a simple fix. Some of these include:

  • Age of the vehicle - If your car is an older model, it may not have the codes in place.
  • Being hard to start or failing to start
  • Hesitating when you accelerate or surging while driving at certain speeds
  • Running roughly
  • And much more!

How to Help With the Drivability Diagnostic Process

While we don't expect our New Bedford and Dartmouth area drivers to know everything about their vehicle and the mechanics that lie within, we do understand that you know your car best. You know how it's supposed to sound, the different driving quirks it has, and, most importantly, when something isn't right. In order to help our team of certified technicians find the problem in your vehicle, we'll need your help to understand what's wrong. Is there an odd noise coming from somewhere? How does your car feel when you turn or drive straight? Did something happen before your car started to fail? Does your vehicle run rough, but only at a certain speed? Being honest, straightforward, and as detailed as possible is helpful to the drivability diagnostic process.

What Happens After We Discover What's Wrong?

As our certified Ford technicians search through your vehicle, take it on test drives, and test out every part, they'll eventually find the problem. When they do, the first step is to contact you. We want to keep you in the know as much as possible and will inform you of our findings right away. We'll also explain to you our repair suggestions and provide you with an estimate of the overall cost. Once you okay this repair, we'll begin right away. Depending on what the issue is, it could be a simple fix or something that will require special parts to be ordered from our parts center. Either way, we'll get your car, truck, SUV, or van fixed and ready for adventure again.

Contact Empire Ford Of New Bedford With Any Questions

Whether your Ford F-150 is making a weird noise, your Ford Escape isn't driving right, or your Ford Focus is having issues on the Fairhaven MA roads, don't hesitate to contact our Empire Ford of New Bedford dealership with any questions or concerns. Our team of certified and trained Ford technicians would love to help you find and fix the problem in your vehicle today!


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