Lease or Buy

To Lease or Buy - Your Auto Finance Decision at Ford Empire of New Bedford

You are likely aware of car buying and leasing terms, but may find yourself confused about the difference between the two and what they precisely mean from payment, customization and flexibility standpoints. Thankfully, our finance team here at Ford Empire of New Bedford has you covered. We walk through each finance option step by step below to outline the core elements, even cross-referencing to help you find a personal match based on individual preferences, requirements and tastes.

New Ford Purchase - Mileage Freedom and a Proud Sense of Ownership

Choosing to outright buy a new Ford model from our dealer inventory comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as does any typical decision. With a new Ford model purchase, you enjoy freedom from mileage restrictions and wear or tear regulations, allowing you to travel across country for vacation without a second thought. Additionally, you can choose to customize this model with genuine auto parts and accessories based on preferred appearance, a tailored feel and the style points you hope to earn. Build equity with this long-term investment and take pride in a vehicle you see yourself driving years down the line.

New Ford Lease - Benefits of New Car Ownership with Short-Term Flexibility

With a new Ford lease, you can enjoy a short-term commitment with the ability to operate a vehicle that is fresh off the assembly line. When this multi-year term ends, you can even choose to upgrade to a new Ford model with the latest tech and most modern features. Leased models still come with short term warranty coverage, providing the same peace of mind that vehicle ownership extends. Some limitations include mileage restrictions, potential wear and tear fees if not careful and no freedom to customize based off personal preference.

The Main Consensus of our Finance Team - Lifestyle Matters

From this analysis, one constant is clear - individual preferences are the main driving force behind your decision. Align your personality and what matches your lifestyle best with either one of these financing plans for a proper fit. Of course, our finance team is here to help you weigh these considerations accordingly. Contact us today or stop over to our showroom to get started!


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